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This frustrating incident took place on 20/1/16, I went CNY shopping and bought 3 plastic bags full of oranges. As I was carrying them home, I accidentally dropped 1 bag. While picking them up, a woman holding a kid who looks not more than 5 joined me. It was after picking them up that I realised this woman had taken 2 oranges and starting peeling one of them. I confronted her and told her the oranges were mine. She looked at me blankly then gave 1 back to me and turned to walk away with the peeled orange. I told her it’s rude to take others’ property without permission. She stared at me and still don’t have the intention to return me the peeled orange. I grabbed it forcefully and dumped it in a nearby bin while she looked on with the same blank look.

It was then she started opening her mouth. She shouted that it was just an orange and I was being immature. I started telling her how absurd her actions were and how she was being a bad example to her kid when her kid started crying loudly. I was still trying to reason with her while her kid wailed but 3 elderly men intervened and asked her what the issue was. She twisted her story and said that I knocked her kid and made him cry. The 3 elderly men then started lecturing me. I am a man carrying 3 heavy bags of oranges and exhausted all my strength debating with this woman. I felt completely helpless as this woman got herself backup. I don’t have the time and energy to argue further so I just offered her a bag of oranges for her to let the matter go. She agreed and we all went our separate ways.

I went out and bought 3 bags of oranges and returned with only 2. I feel robbed and violated. I am appalled how one thinks that this kind of behavior is acceptable and how the 3 elderly men dealt me great injustice by taking her side without hearing me out. I hope she is not imparting these kinds of ugly values to her kid.

Mak Ka Peh
A.S.S. Contributor

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