Dear A.S.S,

Unprofessional and rude services of Citibank!

I would like to share that today at about 10.30am i went down Citibank at Tampines MRT branch. One male & female staff attended to me. Aftet looking through my documents, the guy staff told me if i open a bank account there it will take about 2 weeks processing to be completed as that branch is not a full banking facility.

He advise me to go to Parkway Parade branch (PP) which has full banking facility which it can be settled everything within approximately 1 hour.

I went to PP branch at 1.30pm and my queue no is 1013. I was served by a lady staff which is polite but was refererred to a male staff Mr Tan Rui Kai.

He told me my documents are not sufficient to open a bank account.


So i explained to him that the officer at Citibank Tampines MRT said my documents are sufficient, if not i would not have make the trip to PP.

Mr Tan asked me for the officers name, i explained that i do not have and went on to describe the staffs appearance to Mr Tan. He then say he needs the namecard of the staff and I told him again i do not have. He started to say rudely then he can't help me.

So i asked, is that all he had to say?

He just kept silent and show me his snub face which i uploaded here.

I would have come back again to open the account, if he would have told me, 'so sorry for the inconvenience'.

So i walked off but feel upset as in my impression Citibank is one of the top great services bank. I walked back and ask Mr Tan for his namecard and he refused to give.
Why is he asking me for the Tampines branch officer's namecard if he is not willing to give me his namecard? Double standard?

I took out my handphone to snap his picture so and he suddenly took his namecard and threw down to me. GOSH!

I am out of words.

I went off to UOB Bank, and opened within 25minutes including the queue time. Served by Miss Phee Hui Mei, efficient and courteous service rendered with the same set of documents from me. Great job UOB!.

Gilbert Tan
A.S.S Contributor

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