As an British expat living in Singapore (but not a banker!), I've been ashamed by this fella's comments. He's known locally as being a bit of a knob and there are a minority of Brits here who behave like this all the time.


However, the backlash here has been COMPLETELY over the top and actually pretty sinister. Death threats (allegedly, but I can believe it based on death threats a mate received for something completely unrelated), some pretty hideous and unwarranted abuse of his son and wife, people cancelling their HSBC accounts because that's where Casey works(ed), someone reporting him to the police for sedition! Today, we've even had a senior politician jumping on board telling everyone how upset the comments made him. There's also been a deluge of anti-Caucasian and British comments posted online, including some nasty racist stuff.

The ridiculous over-reaction is (yet another) sign of simmering local discontent and resentment - both of foreigners and of the widening gap in wages and living standards. It also shows what happens when you don't have a free press and educate people like robots - they become incapable of reacting rationally to any form of criticism. Only last week the locals were up in arms over some harmless comments made by a local singer who said she wasn't very proud to be Singaporean.

For a taste of local opinion and racism have a look at a particularly nasty site called 'the Real Singapore'.

In recent years Singapore has been a stable and calm place to live and work, but the signs are that that's going to change, not least as a result of the ludicrous and ill-thought out plans to increase the local population by over 30% (by importing foreign labour) and because of the local governing political party's failure to reform. All it will take is a few years of economic struggle and things could get really nasty here...


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If a Brit expat behave

If a Brit expat behave irrationally, it's called Brit humor. If Singaporean voice out their discontent, it's call " ridiculous over-reaction".

Simple rule of life, treat people how you would want to be treated. Just because you're rich, doesn't mean you're untouchable.

He started the "fire", why complain when he get "flamed"??? :)

And btw, if a local had done this ... I'm pretty sure he would be flamed just the same.

Let me put it this way. You

Let me put it this way. You are certainly right to condemned Anton Casey though he is your countrymen. But to criticise Singaporeans reaction as completely over the top, personally I feel is not justified. If such episode ever happen in UK, what do you think the reaction of British will be. Mind you UK has much larger population than Singapore and in every free society there be peoples from all walks of life. Can you be sure at such circumstances every Brits will react uniformly just like how North Koreans mourn the passing of their Dear Leader Kim Jong Il.

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