84-Year-Old Grandmother Allegedly Scammed Of Life Savings By God Daughter

A reader shared how his 84-year-old grandmother was scammed of her hard-earned life savings. The alleged scammer is an auntie named He Kim Chun in her late 60s / early 70s, and has known the grandmother over 10 years as they both worshipping at the same temple at Jalan Limbok. The auntie apparently developed a close relationship with the grandmother during this time, to the point where she even called the elder lady as "mom" to gain her trust.

The grandmother previously worked as a part-time cleaner UOL Group Limited. Back then, the auntie started asking money from the grandmother to "invest" in her son's company and promised a handsome monthly return.


However the grandmother is illiterate and chose to trust her god daughter's words. Slowly but surely her life's savings was drained away into this "investment." After receiving a few months of the promised returns, the alleged scammer suddenly stopped handing back the cash and started to give a ton of excuses to the grandmother.

The god daughter eventually disappeared and become uncontactable.

Even after making a police report in 2018, the police only came back to the family after 2 years to advise them to take civil action. However the family is stuck as they do not know where she stays or her personal details. The family is reaching out to the public for any relevant information about her whereabouts so they can take legal action and seek justice for their grandmother who has since been suffering from insomnia.

UPDATE: the family has received leads on the god daughter "He Kim Chun". She was seen at these locations: 1) Whampoa market, 2) Serangoon North Ave 1 Blk 107 - 145 area, 3) 81 Genting Lane

Source: https://www.facebook.com/100001487848544/posts/3491634920896068/

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