After going on 3 dates, she asked for my payslip. Is it ok?

Im dating this girl whom I met on dating app and we have gone for 3 dates and things are going well. Late last night, she texted me and asked if im okay to reveal my salary and net worth along with a screenshot of my latest payslip.

She said it’s good to know the figures early for future planning and she believes in equal financial contributions in a rs. To be fair she’ll also reveal hers and she told me she even has a detailed excel sheet with all her savings, investments, spending etc all tracked and she can send to me.

Im not sure exactly how to respond yet as it’s the first time I’ve been asked this way. I’ve tried to buy some time before deciding whether to reveal. For context, we are both in late 20s and we also said early on we are only looking for serious rs, ie. no dating just for fun and exploring and we would either go serious or break off early if things dont work out considering our age.

Would yall be ok if someone u are dating asks point blank on your salary after 3 dates? Do you need to know the exact salary and net worth of your partner before settling down?

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