Tin Pei Ling Congratulate Residents For Getting A Mirror At Void Deck

Just today, PAP MP Tin Pei Ling congratulated Aljunied residents for getting a new mirror in their void deck. This is what she posted:

“Two aunties told me about this corner at Blk 95 Aljunied Crescent during my recent block visit. They shared that passer-by may not know who or what could be approaching just round the corner and risk bumping into each other. In response to the aunties’ feedback, the town council installed this convex mirror yesterday. I took the chance to observe and test the angles with the contractor workers’ help, and it works.

Special thanks to the workers and town council for working on it!”

Sounds like ownself praise ownself for responding to residents and installing one mirror. Anyway, also not she install. The poor guy still had to hold the mirror for so long for Tin Pei Ling to take video. You say funny anot? LOL

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