Pervert Exploits NUS Girls, Pretends To Fall Down To Ask For Help When Naked Waist Down

According to eyewitness accounts shared on r/NUS, there is a pervert roaming around UTown pretending to be an NUS staff. While naked from the waist down, he would lie down on the toilet floor with his head popping out of the toilet door asking for help from females. He will pretend he cannot walk, insist on not getting up, but yet refuse to get official help.

This creepy individual is described as a 50/60-year-old man with white short hair. The incidents, which have now extended to the Science faculty, have left the community perplexed and concerned. Many people have encountered him, with one netter even sharing a TikTok video warning others.

He suddenly can walk when males approach to help.

In one encounter, a group of friends recognized the man and decided to confront him while calling for more help. As they approached, including male bystanders, they noticed a sudden change in his behavior. He hastily buckled up his pants and strolled away across the Utown field as if nothing happened. It seems his act of desperation was just that—an act!

Another group, three individuals this time, encountered him last week in a distressingly similar scenario. Despite their efforts to offer genuine assistance, he obstinately rejected their help, not even wanting more people involved. When two of them entered the toilet to lend support, he insisted on being physically supported by them instead of using the proper handles and bars available. Upon leaving, he even had the audacity to give them his number and suggest meeting for a drink. Sickening!

In two other instances, female victims were approached by the same perverted uncle seeking help. As soon as they realized his indecent state, they rightly attempted to involve male bystanders. However, the man cunningly refused their assistance, claiming he didn’t want to attract attention. Yet, miraculously, he managed to walk perfectly fine when he later approached their tables, thanking them and even offering to buy drinks. This man clearly knows how to manipulate the situation to his advantage!

“ps. the guards my friends talked to said there were some reports already but apparently they haven’t been able to catch him in the act yet. But they went to chase after him.”


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