Man Bought Luggage from Valu$, Wheel Drop Off Before He Reach Changi Airport

Dear editor,

I saw this FB post and wanted to warn everyone not to always settle for cheap stuff. This is a complaint post but I want to share it as it is quite funny.

A man bought his luggage from Valu$ shop because it was cheap. He used it for the first time from his house to the airport and a wheel already came off.

When he arrived at his destination, he lost another wheel. When he finally came back from his trip, the whole luggage was cracked and as good as gone. Be careful if you want to buy from Valu$ shop. Not everything is worth it as long as it’s cheap!

“Do not buy luggage from valu$! It’s cheap so you get lemon, see this lemon! 🤣🤣 First usage!

My weight was only 11kg. 25″ expandable.

On the way taking mrt to airport one wheel cracked. After 1 flying, 2 wheels and body cracked. Flew back everything cracked! 🤣 hilarious!”

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