Man Lied About Supervisor Going To His House To Check If His Mother Was Really Sick

A man named Jason Tan wrote in to complain about his supervisor. He claimed that he fell sick while taking care of his injured mother. He said that his supervisor showed up at his house to check if he and his mother were really sick.

His company finally clarified with All Singapore Stuff that Jason didn’t give a full and accurate picture. It said that Jason actually failed his probation and afterwards, wanted to resign. He was supposed to serve his 1 month’s notice when he went on MC and took the client’s only operational phone with him. The phone was used to communicate with all of their customers. Jason didn’t reply or answer any of them for a long time, which caused many customers to complain.

His supervisor tried to reach him to get the phone back, but Jason did not respond. In the end, the supervisor had no choice but to go to his house to get the phone from him. The company said that their intention was to resume their work and not to spot-check if Jason or his mother was really sick. They also did not harass Jason or his mother.

Jason’s Original Accusations Against The Company

Dear All Singapore Stuff editorial team,

This evening around 6pm, my superior came to my house to confront and check on my family and demand me to work and continue to answer my work phone calls even when me and my family was sick. He even forced me to return the work phone to him immediately.

Before this, I had resigned at the beginning of feb. On this particular week, my mom badly injured her leg and I’ve gotten sick while taking care of her, so was on MC. It was the 2nd day away from work and the working phone was with me.

Shortly after that, this guy came to my door to taunt my mom and ask for her MC. I believe both myself and my mom didn’t deserve to be treated as such. I believed the company actually wanted to cause drama so that they can terminate me!

Jason Tan

All Singapore Stuff has updated the article with facts after the company’s clarification.

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