Police Make TikTok Videos Got Help To Reduce Crime Meh? Don’t Wayang Lah!

Be it violence on streets, ill-treatment of domestic workers, online scams, start-up frauds, drug-related activities, physical harassment of young ladies, Singapore has witnessed an unprecedented amount of crimes in the past few months. According to a survey published by Channel News Asia, there were 46,196 reported cases in 2021, about 24 per cent higher than in 2020.

In spite of stringent laws, crimes have been peaking in Singapore. The fear of severe punishments, such as death penalty & life sentence, is clearly not working. This makes one wonder if the authorities need to look deeper into the causes of the crimes. It looks like thieves and scammers have got smarter and are using tactics police are failing to gauge.

A few weeks ago, Singapore Police released an informative video educating people about repercussions of various illegal activities in Singapore. It was quite creative and went viral immediately. However, it isn’t enough. It seems like criminals are still not afraid. You still see so many kids vaping, and there must be a reason why our crime rates are increasing.

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