Taxi Driver Go From Botak To Bruised After Getting Scratched By Drunk Woman

On Feb 10th, early morning around 4.55am, Mr Huang Yaohu, a taxi driver, picked up two drunk women along Orchard Road. Little did he know that the ride would turn out to be disastrous.

The two young adults were quarreling and just after a few mins into the ride, one of them suddenly grabbed Mr Huang’s head and left hin with three bloody scratch marks.

“I felt a piercing pain and immediately stopped the car”

He told both women to get down, but the attacker continued to hurt him. The co-passenger tried to intervene and settle the matter by offering Mr Huang $50, which he declined. He then lodged a police report.

The women were so out of control that they didn’t even run away. They ended up lying on the roadside with their belongings all over the place as people started to take photos of them.

Poor Mr Huang! Do you think they will bother to compensate or apologise?

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