Singapore’s Housing Woes: I Can’t Afford A Place If I Was Alone

A property agent recently went viral after she was seen talking to as many as 11 tenants illegally living together in the same HDB unit.

It brought to attention Singapore’s housing costs as even rich expats have complained about rent hikes. Landlords have been rising fees and not being open to price negotiations.

Singapore is already one of the most expensive cities to live in. On top of housing costs, citizens have to grapple with inflation and rising GST. It’s no wonder so many people are overcrowding and huddling together in one small unit!

Tenants who do this know that they can get into trouble but go ahead because it can help them save money. An individual who was talking about the situation added:

“I’m shocked, cornered, overwhelmed and defeated. I don’t think I would have been able to afford a place to live if I was alone.”

Is the government listening to the plight of tenants like them? If even expats find it hard to afford rent, how miserable are the rest of us, especially the lower-income? Housing is a basic need. Is it too much to want a roof over our heads?

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