Singaporean paid 4 times less doing the same job here than overseas

A Singaporean ITE graduate had enough and decided to move overseas for better work opportunities. He is currently in Australia working as a plumber and said he earns $80k (post tax deduction).

In Singapore, he barely earned $1.6k.

“Everyone in SG looked down upon me and told me I deserve the pay as I am from ITE.”

He highlighted the pay disparity and advised people in nursing, construction, and plumbing to leave Singapore.

“End of the day, the poor plumber’s pay will increase from $1.6k to 1.8k at max” because it’s easy to get cheap labour to replace Singaporeans.

Our nation has migrant workers flocking from many countries. How do locals stand a chance when employers can pay for cheaper labour?

Before the government say that Singaporeans are too demanding, they should consider our cost of living and think about whether the low pay is enough to safeguard our future.

Netizens who responded to the post agreed that these skills are more valued in other countries. ITE graduates will be much more appreciated there because they are treated as highly-skilled workers.

“Sg salary isn’t enough with the inflation. Overseas is better!”

“It’s real! And it’s only getting harder.”

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