Tiktok Teen Accepting Applications To Date Her Mother

A Tiktoker who goes by the name “Shanise” posted a video looking for a potential date for her mother. She hoped to find someone who can become her stepdad one day.

The video has garnered many views because of Shanise’s commentary. She described her mother as “Nicole Scherzinger” and expects a man no less than “Enrique Iglesias”. She mentioned that her mother is supposedly quite famous, in the 40-50 age range, and has an array of hobbies such as travelling, mountain climbing and hiking.

Shanise strictly laid out the conditions: her future stepdad must be a good photographer and have a lot of patience because her mother might look innocent although she isn’t.

Netizens were tickled by her video, saying that she will find a stepdad in no time.

“LMAO!!With this extra advertising we can find husband by next week.”

However, some people cringed and found it distasteful. A few said that it was “haram”.

Nevertheless, the tone and refreshing content surely left an impression on Singaporeans. It would be great if she can find a suitable match through Tiktok for her mother soon!

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