Shameless Man Demanded Disabled Grabfood Rider To Climb Up To His Doorstep!

Instagram account “Crimes of Singapore” posted about a GrabFood delivery man, Saire Adnan. He is a leg amputee but was forced by a snobbish customer to drop the food at his doorstep even after explaining his situation to him. The building in Thomas estate had no lifts, meaning that the poor delivery man had to climb despite his condition.

The incident took place on 7 Jan. At that time, he contacted his company about it but to no avail.

“I messaged GrabFood and they replied that the customer instructed me to come up.”

The customer demanded the food to be dropped at his doorstep because he was in a meeting. Saire could not cancel the job so he had no choice but to try climbing. He ended up losing his balance and injuring his left foot.

Even after seeing that he was hurt, the customer did not care about him and simply asked about his food. He had the guts to tell him that he wanted to lodge a complaint! A passer-by who witnessed the situation reprimanded the customer and helped poor Saire.

Which is worse? The unreasonable customer of Grabfood, for not having the gumption to cancel the order to protect the rider? The company is equally responsible for not showing any empathy towards its employee. Will they do anything about it or is this kind of behaviour going to be tolerated, swept aside and forgotten, like nothing happened?

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