Why Can’t Singaporeans Accept Youths For Being Reckless And ‘Funny’?

More and more reckless youths are going around disrupting public spaces. Recently, four Caucasian tourists, probably in their late teens or early twenties, were found making merry and drinking alcohol at Night Safari.

In the viral tik tok video, they were seen running around the attraction on foot, attempting to climb up rocks and creating ruckus. They deliberately trespassed into the enclosure after the safari was closed. What’s worst is that they pet an animal that they were not supposed to approach.

The Mandai Wildlife Group has since lodged a police report.

Another reckless incident at Angsana [email protected] involved a young girl vandalising the property. The girl allegedly sprayed green paint all over the floor while giggling.

It seems like more people are not respecting public property enough and find it amusing to deface them or do funny acts. Do you find it funny too? Are you ready to accept it as the new normal? Is it that we are not “chill” enough to embrace their behaviour?

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