Young Girl Shows No Remorse After Criticising Old People In Singapore

A girl in her 20s has drawn flak for her infamous TikTok video that criticised old people. She began the video by asking, “Why are old people so desperate to sit down on the train?” She has never seen old person falling on the MRT, so she doesn’t understand why they are so desperate to occupy empty seats.

She described how an aunty had held on to a seat until the very last minute and ended up giving it to an old man from another corner of the MRT. She was unhappy that the woman didn’t let her friend take the seat. She thought that it was extremely unfair.

The girl’s rant didn’t go down well with Singaporeans. People have been calling her selfish and stupid, as she doesn’t care to understand or show respect to the elderly. “Eat shit, she thinks she won’t be old”, “self centred new generation”, “stupidity at its finest”, were some of the comments on her video.

She changed her username due to the amount of negative reactions but continues to post videos like nothing happened. Really, it doesn’t hurt to be a bit more understanding. If you want to be stupid, at least keep it low-key and don’t show it to the world.

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