Why our news so boliao? Got important issues but choose to focus on things like Pritam Singh rushing to the toilet?

On 29th November, what happened in Parliament house has been highly discussed in the news so far. Majorly due to the serious debate on the repeal of Section 377A in Singapore, but also due to Mr Pritam Singh leaving the house so unexpectedly that it led social media users to have a field day. While the MP clarified on FB comments that he needed a “toilet break”, the news have been continuously buzzing since then becoming a meme.

“When you have to go…u have to go”

“Bro respectfully said “f**k this” with that bow”

“Had too much Mala hotpot last night”

“Is this the most dramatic scene happening in sg parliament? Asking on behalf of fellow Malaysians”

“When nature calls you have to go fast!”

However, even when it has been clarified by Mr Singh, why is it still on the top of the headlines??? Is this how we whitewash other more critical issues such as curbing inflation and FTX in our nation? Our senior citizens are dragging themselves to work and getting killed because of poor safety measures, why doesn’t this get the same attention?? Pressing issues are always brushed under the carpet. In addition to blaming politicians, let’s not forget the media channels who, nowadays, care more about clicks and likes than substance and authenticity.

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