Bottle Of Wine Inside Luggage Smashed Into Pieces On Flight To SG

Dear Editors,

Would like to write in to let all readers know about the service provided by United Airlines.

My son was travelling back on Flights UA 2371 and UA 29, which was booked from Expedia SG with Ref: # 72431010137012.

Upon return to Singapore, we discovered that the bottle of wine inside was smashed into pieces when handling from the US.

When we tried to get someone to assist us regarding the extensive damages to the clothings and luggage itself, Expedia’s foreign agent provided us a non-existent email ([email protected]) to direct our queries to, while insisting they are not responsible whatsoever. Calls to United Airlines did not yield any responses.

Hence, fellow Singaporeans should exercise caution when booking travel tickets as it does not mean that aggresive advertisments on Mediacorp channels equals to quality or safety. I note though, that such incidents rarely happens when travelling on SIA as SIA’s customer service and handling is much better equipped and attentive to the needs of customers.


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