Opposition Politician Ravi Philemon: MSM Screwed Up Reporting On M’sian Election!

The Malaysian election involved many speculations about the next possible leader. Singapore’s media has been on the forefront of reporting on the matter, but they have been accused of publishing false information by opposition politician Ravi Philemon.

He claimed that they had published news about Anwar Ibrahim’s PM position when it wasn’t confirmed.

“I was following this news at about 5.30pm in Malaysiakini when readers of the website started pointing to The Straits Times and said that it is confirmed – #DSAI has been appointed as the next Prime Minister of Malaysia.

I was surprised! I checked Astro AWANI and other Malaysian news sites. None of them were reporting on such a big breaking news which has a direct impact on them. But soon after, other local mainstream news sites like AsiaOne and even Mothership.sg were reporting this fake news.

Of course, all the sites later corrected their headline and the fake news, but real damage could have been done by such irresponsible reporting.”

The government is always so stringent and on the ball when it comes to shutting down fake news. Why aren’t they keeping their mainstream media journalists in check? Shouldn’t they know better since they’re highly ranked at 160th in press freedom? Is it acceptable for them to publish news when it’s not even confirmed?

Ravi Philemon commented: “As a media practitioner, I have a special and vested interest in ensuring that Singapore has a trustable news ecosystem. And I expect better standards, especially from news outlets which are funded by taxpayers’ monies.”

They lack standards and can’t check their own work, but they can censor other people as per their whims and fancies. Are Singaporeans a joke to them?

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