Man KPKB After Hawker Refused To Cook Oyster Egg In Keto Diet Style

A man called “Peter Quek” got laughed at after complaining about his plate of oyster egg. He went to Woodlands 888 coffeeshop to have oyster egg. After ordering the first plate, he realised that the oyster egg had sauce and flour, which didn’t suit his special keto diet.

He then ordered a second plate. This time, he told the hawker not to add sauce and flour because of his diet. The hawker obviously got annoyed and said that if he doesn’t cook it with egg and sauce, it won’t be nice and there’s no point of eating oyster egg.

“He (the hawker) act as if I am over demanding for my simple request, because he assume it not delicious when i am the one eating… he even say like this cook, he rather dont sell.”

Peter Quek complained that the hawker gave him attitude. He thought he was rude even though he paid for two plates of oyster egg.

“Simply hate hawker with an attitude. So what, they are self employed? They are only a boss when customers buy from them. And this will be the last time I eat from this stall!!!”

“No wonder, some hawker just cant cope with competition and got to close down. I would say, they deserve it because they failed to understand the world they live in today.”

Netizens flocked to Peter Quek’s Facebook to scold him for being ridiculous. If he was on keto diet and want to avoid flour and sauces, why did he order oyster egg? Is it still oyster egg without flour and sauce? Peter Quek shouldn’t expect everyone to change their menu and ingredients to cater to his special dietary requirements. If he’s so fussy, don’t go out. Just cook at home!

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