Singapore Tik Tokers Make Use Of 90 Year Old Man To Boost Likes And Views

Mr Boon, the famous ice cream seller who parks around Sim Lim Tower, is one of the oldest and hardest working in Singapore. His type of license is not even issued to new applicants anymore.

Mr Boon definitely needs continued support to keep going. Do visit him to buy ice cream and support him, but do it genuinely, not post it on Tiktok to garner views and likes.

Don’t be like a few Tiktokers who visited Mr Boon’s cart and claimed to have helped him to sell ice cream. Their claims were called out by Facebook user Larry Lai, who said that they only pretended to help out just so they can boost their Tiktok views and likes. Mr Boon’s ice cream stock was the same before and after they “helped” him.

How low can some people go for publicity? They don’t even need to buy from Mr Boon. If they appreciate his effort, at least show some respect, not use a weak old man for their own gains. Shame on them. So much for being an “influencer”!

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