Employer Harassed Domestic Helper, Then ‘Punished’ Her By Not Giving Her Pay!

Recently, a video of a Singapore domestic helper was posted online. Her employer was a property agent called “James Ngu”. From what she said, her employer would walk into her room and ask for a massage. He will switch off the CCTV and stop her from closing the door on him.

The poor helper refused his advances and end up not getting paid at all. She was harassed and yet she got “punished” by her employer! How does this make sense?

For the past few months, Singaporeans have seen more news about different kinds of harassment. Here are some of the headlines:

“Maths teacher caught taking upskirt images of teenage girls”

“Man posing as female gynaecologist asked nude pictures of female patients’ private parts”

“University student himself having sex with women he met on Tinder without their consent”

Why does it seem like there are more harassment-related incident nowadays? We are supposedly a very safe country. How and why are these things still happening?

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