Teens Struck By Accidents In Yishun And Punggol, How Do We Protect Our Young?

A few days ago, a horrifying and traumatizing accident took place at a HDB car park at 259 Yishun St 22. Two women and a 15 year old teen girl were severely injured. The accident involved two cars and a motorcycle.

Videos and images of the scene were widely shared on social media. They were distressing to watch as their upper bodies were seen pinned under the car. A woman sitting at the grass patch nearby was sobbing and shouting.

Around the time of the news, a 14 year old boy who was hit by a car in Punggol died from his injuries. He got hit by a 24 year old BMW driver. The driver was apparently shaking when he got arrested by the police.

Within a month, there are already a few major accidents involving children. What is going on? Are people too distracted?

The authorities should look into it urgently and at least raise awareness on road safety. Both drivers and pedestrians must be educated to be more cautious. Schools can also come in to help teach students. Driving schools and car sharing companies must also have stringent rules to ensure that drivers stay free from accidents.

It is heartwrenching to see accidents like this, especially when they happen to children. Drivers who are at fault must be punished severely. We cannot let more of this carelessness take away the lives of Singaporeans!

ASS wish the injured a speedy recovery.

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