PAP Said It Cares About Ageing Population, Then Why Make Old People Work?

According to recent news, an elderly cleaner, aged 69, was killed after a lorry reversed into him. This is a truly tragic accident.

In August, a 65-year-old Singaporean died at a PUB work site in Kranji while a 72-year-old traffic controller had a fatal accident after getting hit by a truck in Lim Chu Kang.

At this age, senior citizens shouldn’t have to go out and work. We have all seen cleaners dragging their bodies to clean tables, clear plates and empty the dumpsters. Why are they still made to work? Do you think they have to work if the society treated them better?

If the PAP cared about ageing population, they should have at least made our seniors’ lives better by setting a minimum wage and safety net. They should also have more safety measures to protect our older generation. We had enough of MOM claiming that they will strengthen workplace safety. It just hasn’t happened?!

As compared to the 37 recorded for the whole of last year, Singapore had already witnessed 36 workplace deaths until August 2022. Opposition politician Kenneth Jeyaretnam blamed the government for being indifferent to the plight of our senior citizens.

Dear PAP, society is not just about working and contributing to the economy. Spare a thought for the elderly who toil everyday when they’re supposed to be enjoying their retirement. They shouldn’t be made to work. The government should be the one doing better!

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