My 97yo Mother Couldn’t Get To Ambulance Quickly Due To Stupid Condo Design!

Dear AllSingaporeStuff Editor

I hope u can publish my letter as the problem i encountered can affect anyone who lives in a condo who needs an ambulance.

Can BCA and SCDF clarify why new and recent condo designs are approved without allowing access for an ambulance to reach the basement carpark lift lobbies? My condo’s basement carpark with standard entrance height of 2.1m was too low for the ambulance to get through.

Recently I had to call for a SCDF ambulance to send my 97yr mother to hospital. To my disbelief, i found out the ambulance couldn’t get into the basement carpark to reach the lift lobbies. It was raining very heavily and the wheel-stretcher was wet when it reached my home. Apparently it had to be offloaded from the ambulance parked in the open and wheeled into the basement carpark. The ambulance crew had to ferry my mother from stretcher to the ambulance holding umbrellas to shield from the strong windy rain. My mother was slightly wet but the crew was nearly drenched from the strong windy rain as their umbrellas were used to shield my mother.

Apart from being drenched in windy heavy rain, it could have been a matter of life & death in emergencies as the ambulance crew can take extra 10min to push stretcher from ambulance parked outside basement carpark to lift lobby n vice versa. The furthest lift lobbies in large condos can be a 5 min walk from basement carpark entrance.

Why is our current building code not required to allow access by ambulance to reach every lift lobby in a condo basement carpark? The patient and ambulance crew should not have to be drenched in heavy rain!

Benny Tan

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