Construction Boss Act Like King, Give Peanuts To Migrant Workers For Deepavali Celebration

Deepavali had just passed. Most migrant workers in Singapore come from India or Bangladesh and celebrate the occasion.

In a recent video on Singapore Incidents, a construction management was celebrating Deepavali with their workers. They thought it was all good and cultural but ended up getting criticised by netizens.

Many Singaporeans didn’t appreciate the management’s gesture as it looked like they only wanted to do it for show. Some sharp netizens noticed that the boss only placed a few packets of groundnuts and can drinks. He also sat in the centre like he was the highlight of the show. There was no effort at Deepavali traditions at all!

Netizens commented: “Pay peanuts”, “bloody stingy boss… just a few packets of groundnut and canned soft drinks…

“You just imagine cny.. your Indian boss throws you some sunflower seed.. get you some packet dumplings and sit in the center of the room and dress like some fortune god?”

Some comments were half serious and half joking but they are not far from the truth. It’s important to treat another culture seriously. The management bothered to celebrate it with their workers but it needs to do so sensibly and sincerely.

Deepavali is a celebration for them. Why is the boss hogging all the limelight and acting like he’s the most important? The celebration is not for him and it’s not about him!

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