Woman Stepping On Haw Par Villa Statues Removed Video But Showed No Remorse

TikToker “anniexu403” was under fire for posting indecent videos of herself at Haw Par Villa. She was seen going into restricted areas, making lewd gestures on the sculptures and stepping on them on purpose. She apparently found it funny.

Netizens slammed her for being too much. It was not only disrespectful but inconsiderate, as there are signs at Haw Par Villa telling people not to sit on or damage the sculptures.

Anniexu403 has removed her video but she showed no remorse for her actions. It’s uncertain if she will be punished for what she did. The rest of her videos continue to show off her looks with heavy filters.

Haw Par Villa’s management said:

“Her actions are irresponsible as they not only endanger herself but will also damage the art works. Furthermore, the works reflect Asian cultural values and ethical behaviour which sadly was not displayed by the visitor.”

It’s disappointing to see such disrespect from an ethnic Chinese who should understand the cultural importance of the attraction. What’s the point of using all the pretty filters if her behaviour is so ugly?

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