Auntie Told Customer To Eat Shit After He Ordered Fried Rice

Singaporean John Ong visited an eatery at Blk 10 North Beach Road, where he ordered fried rice for his children. He asked for an extra bowl to divide the rice amongst his kids. He was taken aback when the stallowner asked him to pay for an empty bowl. Besides, the stall didn’t state that customers can only order one portion or can’t ask for an extra bowl.

John tried to explain to the stallowner but after some back and forth, it turned into a very unpleasant experience. It got so bad he wanted to cancel the order and not eat it anymore. This triggered the stallowner, who then ask him to “eat shit”.

Without a doubt, John got even angrier.

“I am really disappointed about her rude words. She didn’t have manners or respect. Terrible customer service!”

If the stallowner bothered to listen, she would know that it was for his children to share. She should be more understanding about his request. Is it too much to ask for an extra bowl? The stall might have its own way of doing things but the owner should at least respect her customers. It doesn’t hurt to have a heart. A little kindness goes a long way!

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