Woman Wants To Sue Ex-BF For Allegedly Giving Her AIDS

Times and treatments have indeed changed for the better for people living with AIDS but unfortunately, there is no full-proof drug or solution yet. In some countries, it is still discouraged to have sexual relations without telling your partner about your condition. Singapore is no exception.

The latest example is of an unnamed Singaporean woman who claimed to have gotten AIDS from her irresponsible ex-boyfriend. She now wants to sue him in the civil court and get compensation. The incident was posted by her friend on FB and has been garnering a lot of attention.

The victim’s friend, Desmond Ang, understand that this is a sticky situation and that treating AIDS can cost a bomb. He has since started a discussion to seek advice from Singaporeans.

“Can she sue him in a civil court case for compensation? If she sues, does she need to prove in court that she got AIDS from him? He is her only sex partner but how is she going to prove it in court?”

Many Singaporeans offered advice but most told the victim to get tested for confirmation and to take this to a lawyer and the police.

“You should report this matter. That man will give AIDS to many others.”

It seems like knowledge about AIDS isn’t enough in Singapore. Government and private organisations must come forward to spread more awareness regarding contracting and treating AIDS. There are people who need our support urgently and we must come forward to help them. AIDS is not a taboo; discussing it shouldn’t be either.

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