Scammers In Singapore Pose As King Charles To ‘Give You Money’

Scammers in Singapore are getting more creative day by day. Just recently, a post on Singapore Incidents showed an a scammer who posed as “King Charles of the United Kingdom”.

The content of the email was ridiculous. It talked about Queen Elizabeth II’s death and her wish to give away part of her wealth to the needy, homeless and orphans. The scammer claimed that the recipient has been chosen amongst many others and is the lucky winner of Her Majesty’s 200,000,000 pounds! He will then ask for your personal details.

Isn’t this to good to be true? The scammer used the email address “[email protected]”.

Scamming is becoming a norm these days. We had MOH, SPF, and now there’s even one posing as the English royal family!

It’s funny how Singaporeans continue to receive so many scams messages and calls despite having the PDPA. An email like this may look like a scam rightaway, but not to the elderly and less tech-savvy. The government should not be complacent in clamping down on these cases. It’s strange how they are always so quick to censor digital content but slow to deal with these scams!

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