Vimo Wheelchair Transport Deleting 1-Star Reviews, Unapologetic For Its Attitude

Vimo Services, a wheelchair transport company in Singapore, has come under fire for its rude and insensitive customer service. It all started when a man posted about his encounter with them.

He had asked them if their wheelchair transport comes with oxygen, as his family member required oxygen supply while she is transported. Instead of answering him politely, Vimo replied:

“No. It’s free. From the air.”

Singaporeans have been scolding Vimo, even leaving 1 star reviews on Google. A sharp netizen noticed that there were initially around 50 Google reviews against Vimo, but more than half mysteriously disappeared. It seems like Vimo is deleting its 1 star reviews!

At one point, Vimo also indicated that it was “closed” so as to not let people leave reviews.

Subsequently, other netizens revealed their lousy experiences with the company. One person posted that he had once booked the wrong vehicle type. He wanted a refund so that he can rebook the correct vehicle with them. However, Vimo didn’t allow it and told him:

“We are not a charity here.”

When the man had no choice but to stick with the wrong vehicle, Vimo flipped prata and suddenly rejected the job. The boss said that “he will not provide this service anymore, meaning no refund and no vehicle will come and pick us up. He even said, if you want to make any police report, go ahead.”

Until now, Vimo has not responded. Do you think it has learnt its lesson? Should it apologise for its horrible attitude? In doing so, can it save their business or is there already no hope?

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