Singaporean Uncle: We Should Sing National Anthem Everyday In Our Offices

A Singaporean wrote to the 160th mainstream media about our lack of national identity. He said that people nowadays don’t show enough respect to our national anthem and suggested that one way to promote nationalism is to make everyone sing it in our workplaces.

He contrasted this to how people in the 60s used to “rise spontaneously from their seats in the cinema” when the national anthem was played. It’s disappointing to see that we don’t have that kind of respect today.

“I have seen people waiting and chatting outside a school’s gate while the National Anthem is being played during the daily assembly.

If students can do it every day, why not others – those working in offices, factories and government departments?

I am sure that singing the anthem or standing still while it is played will not cost much in terms of productive use of time, and may instil a sense of belonging.”

He urged Singaporeans to not kill our spirit of nationalism because of our indifference. What do you think? How do you find his suggestion of letting everyone sing the national anthem in workplaces?

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