Shame On Authorities For Silencing NUS Student, Lying To Us About Free Speech!

The Police have decided not to take further action against him. Their advisory read: “You are hereby advised to refrain from such conduct in future.” Luke Levy admitted that he was anxious while waiting for months to see what the authorities will do to him.

Feeling relieved, hesaid that his effort was all worth it because he got people to pay attention and start talking about the death penalty.

Death penalty has been a debatable topic in Singapore as activists continue to highlight the number of death row inmates who are sent into the gallows. The matter has received a lot of criticisms from human rights groups. However, majority of the population still believe death penalty shoud be retained. Others don’t feel comfortable commenting on it due to the controversies surrounding it.

Where are we headed as a society? We should be voicing out against death sentences as they are cruel and inhumane. Even Malaysia is doing away with mandatory death penalty and replacing it with other alternatives. Are we really as first-world as we claim to be?

As for Luke Levy’s case, the government claim that they encourage young Singaporeans to express their ideas but they can’t even tolerate it when there are different opinions. How ironic! It’s embarrassing to go to such lengths to censor youngsters’ thoughts and actions. Shame on the authorities for silencing them and pretending that they let our youth have the freedom to shape our future.

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