Elderly Delivery Rider Stuck With Hefty Medical Bills After Getting Into Accident

An elderly Foodpanda delivery rider named Uncle was left severely injured after an accident. At 61 years old, he still has to depend on making deliveries for a living. Due to his injury, he can’t go to work and therefore has no income.

Uncle Roger tried pleading for help with Foodpanda but didn’t know that when he was required to sign a form to get insured. Now, he has to pay off hefty medical bills despite having no monthly income. The whole situation left him clueless and helpless.

Prominent opposition politician Kenneth Jeyaretnam said:

“$1,000 of medical expenses and $50 for each day in hospital is nothing when faced with serious let alone life changing injuries. MOM should require food delivery companies to have better insurance but we should also have universal health care and disability benefits. Singaporeans get a raw deal from their Gov despite paying a lot in tax.

Reform Party wants to know why despite having so much Medisave balances that are still growing, Singaporeans still have to pay so much out of their own pockets for medical expenses.”

Reform Party’s Kenneth Jeyaretnam

If the government can’t do enough for the most disadvantaged groups in our society, why exactly are do we keep them in power?

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