Racist Customer Refused To Be Served By Malay Stylist

A netter encountered a very racist customer who refused to be served by a Malay hairstylist.


I was just at a hair salon today and was getting a hair treatment done at the sinks when a chinese guy was escorted in by a malay stylist. (She’s quite fair so can be mistaken for mixed easily enough)

Now, I can’t tell if he’s a Singaporean or a migrant but the moment the stylist wanted to sit him down to wash his hair for him, the guy started asking if she was Chinese. At first I thought it was due to the language barrier that he was asking but he spoke pretty much perfect English. He asked for only Chinese stylists

Bless the Malay stylist, she was so graceful in the face of such blatant racism. She just calmly informed him that all the Chinese stylists were occupied. The guy just took his bag and said that he’ll come back when there’s a Chinese stylist available and left the salon.

I thought as a society we’re beyond this kind of racism already. This is just so horrible to see.

What other kind of blatant racism have you seen around Singapore?



When asked to clarify which hair salon this occurred at, Kas responded that this was at Jean Yip. What day and age already, still got this kind of racist idiots!

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