Safety Officer Aggressively Scolded Migrant Workers, Can You Forgive His Behaviour?

A video of a safety officer’s behaviour went viral recently. He was seen shouting at his workers, belittling them by pointing and gesturing at them fiercely. The workers had to stand in a line and keep quiet while he lashed out at them uncontrollably.

Netizens were horrified as he didn’t treat his fellow workers with any respect. A safety officer’s work is not a mean feat and he has many responsibilities, but there is a definitely a way to get things done properly. Who talks to their employees like that?

Those who have watched the video slammed the officer for mistreating and looking down on his staff. They commented:

Put him in another country and let him be treated like this, see how he will like it

In other countries, this supervisor will be dead at the end of the day…

I feel bad for the workers”, etc.

Others who watched the video also mentioned the stress of working as a safety officer. It’s frustrating when workers don’t follow, and sometimes they’ll only listen if you shout. With the rise in number of workplace accidents, could the safety officer be undergoing too much stress?

Netizens are divided but one thing’s for sure – migrant workers helped build our homes and contributed to our society. They don’t deserve to be treated like that. The officer was wrong but he also needs some help with stress management. Let’s see if MOM can settle this amicably, if they’re even doing anything about it.

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