10 Yr Old Boy Bullied For Not Speaking English, Suffered Multiple Injuries

Singapore is a multicultural country where everyone treats each other with respect. However, in the most bizarre state of affairs, a young boy in Primary 4, was subjected to the gruesome bullying in the school premises. The culprits were four of his classmates who ganged up against him.

The victim had shifted from China last year with his mother, called Ms Ma, and brother. He is not yet fluent in English, and apparently that was the reason for his torture. What started out as teasing turned into a serious case over 6 months.

The poor boy suffered multiple injuries and was adamant about not raising the issue to the school because he was afraid. He suffered from painful, swollen lips, scraped knees and elbows, and even got his pants pulled off by his classmates.

Looking at how much he suffered, his mother had no choice but to take matters into her hands. The case was brought to the school’s notice, and the classmates’ parents apologised.

Unfortunately, nothing changed as the bullying continued. The perpetrators bullied the victim again by shaming him and pulling down his pants at least 10 other times. At this point, it’s hard to believe that the culprits are young children themselves. How are they behaving like this?

The mother couldn’t take it anymore and finally lodged a police report.

If these young punks are not taken to task at such a young age, they will never learn and only get worse when they grow older. They have to face the consequences and in this case, it means more than just saying sorry.

The poor boy didn’t do anything to deserve this. It wasn’t his fault for not knowing English. He’s just a child! How can the school allow these bullyings to go unnoticed? How did they allow it to last for so long? Shouldn’t they also take responsibility for failing to stop this early?

This is a lesson for the school and its teachers. In Singapore, we don’t condone bullying and take it seriously. Sadly, it may all come too late as the boy is already traumatised. We just hope that he’ll get all the help he needs and that he’ll never have to be treated like this again.

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