I Paid So Much For HDB But They Can’t Even Settle One Noisy Neighbour

Next-door neighbours could turn out to be your worst nightmare. Ms Seah Angeline Yoko posted on FB that she has been living in a noise polluted environment since April 2021. She claimed that the kid next door shouts, jumps and runs uncontrollably for hours on end everyday, from around 1:45pm to past 8pm.

On weekends, the noise would go on from 8am until 8pm.

Ms Seah tried to bear with it but it has gotten out of hand. She is frustrated with the constant dragging of furniture, slamming doors and loud noises from her neighbour. She decided to seek help from the police and HDB.

Unfortunately, even after 2 mediation sessions, nothing worked. Her neighbours didn’t pay heed since there wasn’t a penalty. Once, she confronted the neighbours herself, only to be told off to wear earplugs and have the door slammed in her face.

This is not the first time HDB failed to resolve neighbourly disputes. It steps in for a while but stops short of seeing the problem through. In some cases, people resort to moving houses because the problem just doesn’t get solved.

It is about time the HDB management tackle this long-running issue and do more to enforce certain rules. They are paid to do their job. It’s so wasted to spend so much of our life savings buying a house only for it to have so many problems. For all we know, Seah might think that the house she is living in right now is already not a home.

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