Help, My Father Is Brainwashed And Wants To Join China As A Soldier

A Singaporean netizen got worried after seeing his father brainwashed by China’s propaganda. He even want to fight for them as a soldier now!

Here’s his post:

“My Dad has watched PRC propaganda YouTube channels for years. Today he scared the crap out of me when he announced that should war come to China, he’ll fight for China as a soldier even if he is renounced by SG.

He even said Chinese blood (Chinese as in people from China, not Chinese-race from SG) flows in all of us. He is also far more critical of Western countries (especially USA) and Taiwan nowadays.

My Dad was never like this before. Any tips how I should approach this?”

The netizen’s father is in his late 60s. Many Singaporean uncles also get brainwashed by China’s propaganda but maybe not to the extent of fighting in their army. What do you think? Anyway, he is too old to be a soldier… and it’s not like China don’t have enough people!

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