Dear PAP, Does This Old Man Look Like He’s ‘Exercising’?

Singapore is an ageing population dominated by senior citizens who have worked hard for our nation. In your opinion, are they well taken care of by the government? Is the PAP doing enough to repay them for their contributions and fulfill their promises?

On August 1st, a video surfaced on Facebook that instantly stirred emotions amongst Singaporeans.

An old man, who is almost limping, was filmed pushing a huge dumpster. He looked old and not in the best of health. Why does he still need to work?

The old man in the video received praise for his hard work and dedication. But at the same time, it would have been much better if he relaxed at home and enjoyed his old age with his family.

He should be resting instead of clearing rubbish left behind by Singaporeans. The PAP claims to take care of our seniors, but does it look like the case to you?

Before the PAP ministers give excuses like he is “exercising”, they might want to think about their own policies and if they are doing enough to help senior citizens. A modern and developed nation like us should be ashamed of not treating our older generation better!

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