Chicken Condom Curry: New Meaning Of Making Food With Love!

Is this even real? That’s what people were wondering when they heard that a condom was found in a dish of curry. We had insects, hair, glass pieces and what not, but this time, we really break record.

According to a Facebook post by Payjah Royal Jelly, a condom was found inside a packet of cooked curry. It’s better not to think about how it ended up in the dish.

Unsurprisingly, netizens left no stone unturned when it came to trolling the post. It amassed more than 1.1k shares and 800+ comments very quickly. Some of the funniest comments include: “Whole new meaning to making the food with love”, “Maybe the chef put all the spices and condiments inside the condom to soak to get a better taste”, “Singapore now can claim another dish in their list… Condom Chicken Curry (3Cs)”, etc.

Known for our wide variety of food and UNESCO hawker culture, we now look like a laughing stock. What does the Singapore Food Agency have to say about this? The more interesting question is: How are they going to investigate it?

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