Dear MOM, There Are Already 36 Workplace Fatalities This Year!

Last week, a large structure collapsed into the sea at Keppel Shipyard. As many as four workers suffered minor injuries and one worker, who went missing, was found dead. The worker was a 38-year-old Bangladeshi man who fell from the pier.

This is the second major accident at Keppel Shipyard in this year alone.

Earlier in March 2022, two workers died after getting thrown off a structure on a docked vessel at Keppel Shipyard. They were pronounced dead on the scene and were only 30 and 42 years old.

That’s not all! There has been so many workplace fatalities in 2022. As of Aug, there were already 32 workplace fatalities compared to 37 for the whole of 2021, and 30 in 2020. Yet, we never hear enough discussion on workplace safety in Parliament.

How long will the authorities allow these incidents to go on for? Shouldn’t they review the loopholes and prevent these careless incidents? What are they doing to ensure that migrant workers are safe?

It is irresponsible if they turn a blind eye and not openly discuss this matter. Migrant workers build our homes and have been contribute to our society for many years. They may not earn much but their lives are equally important. Is the government really doing enough to provide them with a safe working environment?

What are they waiting for? There’s no better time to put in place more safety precautions!

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