Are Bus Drivers Overworked? Yishun Accident Raised Concerns On Welfare Of Bus Uncles

The recent news of a bus driver crashing into a vehicle due to lack of rest makes us question whether it was really the driver’s fault.

Back in 2019 and 2020, 13 bus drivers filed lawsuits against SBS Transit for their crazy work schedules. They claimed to have worked vigorously without a rest day and were underpaid.

One of them even boldly challenged that the company had breached the Employment Act. The High Court made it clear how the case is going to have a negative impact on other transport workers.

We are all aware that bus drivers already don’t have easy jobs. They drive for long hours over long routes, need to work shifts and odd hours. They often don’t get regular and enough rest. Shouldn’t more be done for them?

We need transport companies as well as the government to improve things for our bus drivers. Didn’t the government ownself praise ownself for having a reliable public transport system? If we can’t do that and avoid more accidents, how can we make sure it is reliable? How will passengers be safe?

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