Does Repealing 377A Help PAP Get More Votes?

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Singapore is a multi-cultural nation with a somewhat conservative worldview. We have had long debates over same-sex relationships and decriminalising gay sex. For the LGBTQ+ community, it is a long way to equality, but they can be relieved now that 377A will no longer exist!

Their fight for the freedom to love has finally started to bear fruit.

However, some claim that the repeal is a move by the ruling party to gain mileage amongst younger Singaporeans. They think it’s a way for them to get into the good books of young voters as the men in whites would otherwise have lost that demographic.

The ironic thing is, they make it look like progress when it’s actually not much of a difference for LGBTQ+ individuals. The government will be amending the constitution such that the traditional definition of marriage will not be challenged in court.

“Singapore will decriminalise sex between men but has no plans to change the legal definition of marriage as being between a man and a woman.”

This means that although gay sex is not illegal anymore, LGBTQ+ individuals cannot have same-sex marriage.

The ruling party is smart to make it look like they are giving the LGBTQ+ a historic victory when it’s actually denying them of more equal rights. They are now seen in a good light by the LGBTQ+ for repealing 377A and by conservative Singaporeans for keeping traditional marriage.

They will also win the hearts and votes of younger generation Singaporeans. Smart right? They are not called elites for nothing!

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