Woman Shouted At Hospital Staff For Not Letting Her Jump Queue

The least one can do for the medical professionals is to respect them for their relentless service for the past two years. But here is a prime example of how NOT to behave in hospitals.

In a video posted on Facebook, a woman was seen speaking very loudly and harshly to a staff in a hospital. She gestured rudely as she told the staff that she didn’t wait to wait in the queue.

The staff in the video maintained her calm and was polite in her reply, but the rude patient didn’t want to queue up. She insisted on seeing the doctor right at that very moment.

It would have been understandable if it was an emergency, but judging from the level of energy the woman had, it most definitely wasn’t urgent. She was not allowed any exceptions.

Her attitude is totally uncalled for! Netizens were quick to criticise her behaviour and suggested that she call an ambulance if she was in a hurry. We must not be so demanding and unreasonable to medical professionals, who have been serving in the frontlines since Covid-19 struck.

This woman has some serious problems. She either needs to check in at IMH or get a reality check!

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