Can Singapore Ministers Try Harder To Protect Elderly From +65 Calls?

Singapore has had innumerable cases of frauds and scams happening on phone calls with +65 prefix. Innocent people especially the elderly have been robbed off their years’ savings because of the dreaded “+65” calls. Do any of our officials care to solve the issue?

According to a parliamentary session, IMDA had considered blocking +65 calls, but found it “unfeasible” due to legitimate international incoming calls that carry the prefix.

They have been saying that since last year but doing nothing to improve existing measures. They are paid so much to do their jobs yet they tell us time and time again that it’s “unfeasible”.

All they can say is: “We are currently working with telcos on additional measures, including enhancing measures to further block numbers spoofing domestic fixed-line and mobile numbers. We will announce these measures once ready.”

Singaporeans are sick and tired of waiting for the government to protect citizens. They will never be ready. IMDA should for ONCE put itself in the people’s position. Isn’t the government supposed to help Singaporeans? If not, what’s the point of their existence?

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