Oasis Terraces In Punggol Infested With Rats And Cockroaches, NEA Had One Job!

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Would you believe it if we told you the scene in the picture is at Oasis Terraces? Oasis Terraces is a polyclinic, retail and community centre in the Punggol neighbourhood but it has literally gone to the dumps.

According to a FB post by Jillian Chia, this is apparently the norm. It’s an everyday occurrence to residents there, and they are no longer surprised seeing rodents running all over the place.

The premises are also highly infected with houseflies, cockroaches, and mosquitoes. Even the nearby toilet is filled with cockroaches!

Look at the state of the place. How did the management of Oasis Terraces run it? With the amount of garbage, the estate management should actually get a garbage truck to clear the place twice a day, if not everyday. But what are they doing?

Don’t forget, there’s also the NEA. Why was nothing done to at least make it liveable and decent for the residents there? By the way, this is how Oasis Terraces is supposed to look like. Shame on NEA for not doing their job and letting the place get this dirty. What’s the use of paying them again?

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