Luxury Goods Scammer Was Born In China But Got His Singapore Citizenship

The infamous luxury goods scam couple, Pi Jiapeng and Pansuk Siriwipa, were arrested in Malaysia. They cheated people of $32 million worth in branded items, only to land up in a budget hotel in JB.

Pi Jiapeng was born in Fujian China while his wife is Thai. Pi is only 26 years old but already a Singaporean.

His friends described him as someone with humble background but not a humble personality. Pi had big dreams – he always wanted to live a lavish lifestyle. His dreams came true after meeting his Thai wife and going around scamming Singaporeans together.

The important thing is, how can someone like him be given citizenship? His friends said he had a habit of gambling and even had debts. Did nobody check his background? Why do we let a foreigner like him come in, enjoy our privileges and then cheat us of all our hard-earned money?

We gave him citizenship but he chose to break the law. He doesn’t even appreciate it!

Even though the scam couple are arrested, we still don’t know if the police is able to get back all the victims’ money. Singaporeans had enough of scammers from China. It’s time we stand firm, be strict and stop granting so many of them citizenship!

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