Woman Upset By Swensen’s Staff, Regretted It When She Realised They Were Autistic

Please read until the end. What was a FB user’s complaint about a restaurant turned into an unexpected, emotional twist.

It was half day for students yesterday, and a mother brought her son for lunch at Swensen’s, Clementi Mall. After waiting for their turn, the waitress gestured haphazardly to a table at the corner. “U know like how u call a cat”.

When they went to the table, they found that it was wet from the condensation of drinks. She pointed it out to the waitress, who went: “‘Dirty?’… n looked at me in a judgmental way n went to get a soaking wet towel to make it even worst..”

The woman tried to hold it in and used her own wet tissues to clean the table instead. They didn’t even give her a child seat.

Later, she tried to get the servers, but nobody responded even though they were “just standing ard and they weren’t busy”. When she finally got their attention, she said that she wanted to redeem a drink coupon but was treated with no response. The waiter “completely blanked me off… and walked away”.

They also didn’t give her cutleries when her food came. By then, she had enough.

“I went to the counter n got the manager… I didn’t raise my voice or make a scene but I was very upset. To be honest, I assumed I got this treatment because it was only me n my son. So technically what I would spend would be lesser than 2 paying adults.

I started voicing my grievances n the manager oh so patiently heard me out. N then when I stopped what he said next broke my heart.

90% of the staffs there were mid to high functioning autistic teenagers from APSN School. I profusely apologised to the manager n conveyed my suggestion to at least make it known to patrons like what KFC does. Not a badge on them but some sign before they enter the restaurant.

N like what i suspected, Google reviews on Swensen’s were brutal.

I’m writing this to just make known how wonderful it is for Swensen’s to be inclusive and give an opportunity but also be patient with the servers. N do support them and not boycott due to poor service if u ever had any. It isn’t intentional.”

She ended her post by telling people not to be too quick to judge like her. There may be more than meets the eye.

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